The Start of All Thing

First of all praises to Allah who are The Creator of all creatures. He creates human being, animals, trees and plants and other things that we cant reach with our two eyes. Also, thanked to Allah because He gives me strength and guidance to write and share something with all the readers around the world. May all the these good efforts rewarded by Allah..

Thankful is something that people are lacking with nowadays. Although it is a very simple concept yet people forget it. For these forgetful people, if they are not in difficulties, they easily forget Allah.But when it comes the difficult time, they are the one who wants to be somebody in front Allah.`s eyes. This perception is totally wrong as we should always remember Allah, no matter in what conditions, during pleasures or difficulties. Allah also mentioned in His Book of Knowledge;Al-Quran..stated remembering Him surely He will remembers you..Although Allah is merciful towards human being, thus we shouldn't play around with His ruling and amendments. We can show our grateful to Allah by observing what he has prescribed us to do and not to do. By doing this, we surely keep ourselves in line within His blessings.
This is my first time blogging. My writing may not good as others that have a lot of experience in writing. So bear with me if you feel bore and not interesting.I hope the contents will give the readers some inputs..I will try my best to deliver a good contents..thanks..:)

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