Lovely Secret Garden

Last night I just finished watching Secret Garden (Korean Drama). I feel great watching this Korean drama as many moral values are attached in the movie. Sadness, happiness, honesty, gap between the rich and the poor, and so on. As I watched this drama, it reminded me to our real world where there are gaps between the rich and the poor people. The rich can do anything what they want to do. Meanwhile, the poor one just follow the order. Our world should not be like that. To enjoy a harmonious world, there should be a tolerance and respect towards each other..Regardless we are the rich or poor.

Actors and Actresses in Secret Garden 

The drama tells the story of Kim Joo Won (Hyun Bin), a seemingly perfect man who hides an arrogant and eccentric side, and Gil Ra Im (Ha Ji Won), a stuntwoman whose beauty and body are the object of envy amongst top actresses. One day they went deep into the mountains and entered a strange house, where a strange grandmother offered them chocolate to eat. The next day, they found themselves in the other's body. They try to learn of each other in order to continue their roles. Although their souls are switched, but they still need to play the roles as the respected person. As the time passed, they fall in love. Protecting each others and more.

In this drama, it reflects of how we should treat the poor and also other people around us nicely. Sometimes having a lot of money doesn`t mean we have the power to control everything. It is all about wealth. Not more or less.

For me, its a great drama to watch. Despite it has 20 episodes and 1 hour each episodes, I think it is worth to watch it..However, plan your time wisely. Do not absent from your work or class due to stay up late watching this drama...:) Enjoy the movie.

p/s: I will upload the OST albums later. :)