Pro and Cons of Technology

Everything nowadays is relying on IT and Technology. Are we sensitive enough to get our hands on it are own choice. There is a but here, BUT if you disregard the IT and Technology in this era you are considered OUTDATED person. There is a lot of IT and Technology stuff in the market, for instance: iPad, iPhone, computers, machines and so on..

All these stuff are made to make our life easy however relying to much could harm people. People could become lazy, not alert to situation or become irresponsible in doing their job or the failure of the technology itself could be harmful. Company or an organization could lost billions if there is a failure in their  machines.

Many things should be considered if we really want to use 100% of technology in our life. If you ask my personal opinion, technology is something too good to be appreciated. My life is getting easier if i can use the technology that available nowadays. Somehow I feel some drawbacks that comes from technology. If i am having a failure due to technology, i will feel disappointed. Seriously like wanna throw those stuff to the wall. ;p

So, be moderate people!. :)